youth furniture

Furniture designed for young people. The idea is to design furniture which is individual and flexible like a youngsters mind. Because of its very simple stick principle it is possible to fill the furniture with modules very easily, thus it can adapt to every situation. In co-operation with “ÖkoControl GmbH” from Cologne.


material: white oiled maple and multiplex with ecological HPL

dimension (mm): table small 1625 x 732 x 720-800

table big 1786 x 732 x 720-800

stool 410 x 410 x 450 rack 378 x 1127

shelf 410 x 410 x 1580 commode 1054 x 732 x 720

bed 2446 x 1699 x 223

All furniture is dismountable to transport it as flat as possible.