Höfe am Brühl

The Leipzig »Brühl« at the crossroads of the old imperial  
Via Regia and Via Imperia is one of the oldest streets in the
city. Once the »global fur road« with the offices of numer-
ous Jewish fur traders, the district was largely destroyed in
the Second World War. In 1966 the war-damaged
Wilhelminian department store situated here was given a
new cladding. The distinctive aluminium facade of the
so-called »tin box« rapidly became a landmark of the city.
In 1968 three ten-storey »Plattenbau« residential blocks
were built horizontal to the Brühl. By 2012 this ensemble is
to be replaced with a shopping centre with apartments
on the 21,000 m² site, whereby the cubature and facade of
the »tin box« and the former Plauensche Straße are to
be recreated. The design of the Berlin architects Grüntuch
Ernst for the »Höfe am Brühl« centre incorporates the
courtyard structure typical for Leipzig.