Diamond is a modular, stacking furniture system, consisting of up to 4 different modules in several sizes and 2 doors a big and a small one. Due to their convex and concave shapes the modules can be stacked together without any joining elements. The concave top surface can be used as a storage space too. The cube and cuboid forms of the modules, and the unique stacking method, mean it is possible to turn the modules while stacking and allow building of the storage units in multiple directions. This allows Diamond to be used as a room divider, corner furniture, free standing tower, walls with cantilever elements or to use the modules simply as boxes rather than shelves. The modules can be closed with powder coated metal doors. The doors are fixed with magnets within the modules. If needed, the form of the doors allows them to be stored in the concave top surface of the modules.


Renderings by THIRD